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Education is our passion, and technology is our expertise. Achieve your goals with our managed IT tools.

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The Best IT Department
a School Can Have

Your school needs top-notch tech support. Our business model is built to provide it. It takes top-notch IT talent to provide top-notch IT support. And we ensure that’s what you get. How? We put 80% of our reinvestment in Managed IT toward salaries—and the remaining 20% toward the relentless improvement of our tools and processes. That way, you get hands-on help from first-rate pros at every stage of the support process.


Optimal E-rate utilization is more than selecting items from a menu.We’re designing your infrastructure, so the pieces have to fit together to achieve your bottom line result.




The Best I.C.T Department a School Can Have Your school needs top-notch tech support. Our business model is built to provide it.


Managed I.C.T

Managed I.C.T

We can supplement your staff with additional IT team members—regularly or occasionally. They’ll provide the answers, insights, and hands-on attention you need when time is of the essence—and a bump in technical expertise is required to move your mission forward.


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A Technology Company,
an Education Partner

Besides being IT professionals, the Creative Codes team shares a passion for education and student achievement. Helping students, educators and administrators is our driving force. And like you, we’re known to put in extra hours to make sure your students are on track to succeed by being adaptable, flexible, and outcome-focused.

“Anyone can be a tech provider, but our goal is to ingrain ourselves into the fabric of schools.” - Vitalis Nyandoro C.C.T Founder

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Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

Let us handle the day-to-day maintenance of your technology infrastructure and we’ll let you get back to moving forward with your mission to educate..

  • Learning Management System(LMS)
  • Managed Print Services
  • Computer Lessons for Children
  • School Communication and administration Systems
  • Institute Marketing and Branding
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